Not All Managed Hosting Providers Are The Same: Why We're Different

Not All Managed Hosting Providers Are The Same: Why We’re Different

Not all managed hosting is created equal.

There are over 330,000 web hosts globally, most of which provide managed hosting services. However, managed hosting could mean many different things.

That makes perfect sense – not everyone that wants to host a website knows the ins and outs of server configuration. Indeed, if you’re a business owner or run a WordPress website, your concerns around hosting probably don’t extend much further than speed and reliability.

Managed hosting could mean that the company you choose for your package keeps your site online to the best of its ability. However, if you select Reggio for your managed WordPress hosting, you can expect much more than a brand that keeps your site live.

You can expect a business partner that’s every bit as interested in ensuring that your site’s working at peak performance as you are.

In this article, we’ll tell you why.

The Benefits of Managed Hosting

If you decide to use managed hosting, it generally comes down to one of two reasons. Either you don’t have the technical expertise to do it yourself, or you’d rather spend your time on other things.

Thanks to the simplicity of WordPress, site owners don’t need all that many technical skills to maintain a fantastic website. The hosting itself is often the most complex part, and it makes sense to choose managed because:

Managed Hosting Keeps Costs Down

If you’re with a reputable host, things won’t go wrong all that often – and certainly not often enough to require a full-time IT support team. If and when something does go wrong, they’re on the case. When everything’s running smoothly, they focus elsewhere and not at your expense.

You Benefit From Current Expertise

As with most technologies, the managed hosting world moves fast. You might not have the time or inclination to stay up to date on the latest optimization technologies, content delivery networks, and other aspects of hosting packages.

Fortunately, with managed hosting, your provider does it for you. They’ll remain on top of the latest developments and, all being well, they’ll ensure you experience fantastic performance at all times.

Monitoring, Security, and Backups

If you use WordPress, you know about plugins. There are tools out there that can boost your site’s security, monitor uptime, and schedule regular backups. However, while great in a pinch, nothing beats a human when working towards peak performance.

Above everything else, managed hosting is about serving a site to visitors quickly and correctly every time they request it. A compromised site or one that doesn’t load instantly can be a sign of bad management – especially when you have under three seconds to impress visitors before they leave for good!

Next Level Managed Hosting with Reggio

You can quite rightly expect all the above benefits as standard when you choose managed WordPress hosting. A secure site that works for visitors and keeps your overheads low should be the bare minimum from any hosting provider.

Fortunately, here at Reggio, we’re not just any hosting provider.

We know hosting, and we also know WordPress. What sets us apart from other hosting providers is that we’re invested in your success.

We believe that managed hosting should be more than just placing a user-friendly interface over the backend and enabling customers to set up their own backup schedule.

Our team achieves this by providing these managed hosting services as standard in every package:

Hands-On Update Testing

Have you ever updated a plugin or upgraded part of your server to a new version and found that it causes more problems than it solves?

We have, and we never want our customers to go through it again!

When a popular plugin receives an update or WordPress unleashes a brand new version on the world, we make a point of understanding what’s changed and how it might impact our customers and their sites.

We’ll never prevent you from installing any plugin that makes sense for your site, but we’ll do all we can to ensure your hosting package is ready for the update, and we’ll be happy to get our hands dirty if anything needs fixing.

Unlimited Support on Anything Affecting Your Site

Most hosting providers are happy to help when something goes wrong with the hosting itself. However, if it’s out of their hands, they might point you in the direction of someone else that may be able to help.

We do things differently.

If you’re not happy with your website’s performance, even if it’s not directly linked to your hosting package, we’ll help you figure it out.

From plugin settings to ad network integration and everything else besides, you can rest assured that we’ll help out wherever we can. All our clients are entitled to unlimited support on tasks that require 30 minutes or less of our experts’ time.

Service as a Service

You’ve heard of software as a service. We provide service as a service. As we’ve alluded to already, you’re not just our client; you’re our business partner.

Some people lament the lack of the personal touch in online business, but we want to change that. We strive to position our online expertise at your disposal.

From consulting on your online goals to providing help and advice, our business model revolves around the fact that we’re only happy when you’re happy.

When you host with us, you can not only expect hosting services that exceed industry standards but the personal touch that’s so often lacking in an industry that’s so easy to automate.

Try Reggio’s Managed Hosting Today

Whether you’re launching your first website, expanding your portfolio, or looking for a service-focused upgrade over what you already have, we’d be thrilled to become part of your site ownership journey.

We pride ourselves on providing more than just managed hosting, and we’d be delighted to show you exactly how we can do that for you!

Take a look at our managed hosting plans to see options for most sites and budgets, or go ahead and request a quote if you need something more specific.

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