Why Choosing the Best WordPress Website Hosting Solution Matters

Imagine spending days or weeks trying to launch a website. After you publish the content, you don’t get the results you were expecting, so you believe you’re the problem. Before you blame yourself, consider if you used the best WordPress website hosting out there. Sometimes, the right host can make a huge difference in your site’s success.

Cleaning Up the WordPress Database Sensitive Information

The following guide is meant to help you slim down your WordPress MySQL database before distributing it to other developers. It’s so you can remove sensitive information from the database before providing it to others. These are not meant to be run on a live site.

Nginx Rule for Blocking Bad Bots

Some bots can be aggressive with their crawlers. This can negatively impact your visits with your hosting provider, and consumes resources thus slowing down the site. Here’s how to block them.

How to install Matomo (Piwik) on DigitalOcean

I had a recent spike in traffic but since removing Google Analytics, I had no way to know how much traffic was coming my way. I removed Google Analytics for privacy reasons but I still would like to have some data while still respecting a visitors privacy. Introducing Matomo.

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