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Security Protection

Find peace of mind knowing your website has the best cybersecurity available.

Enhance your WordPress security and prevent all vulnerabilities with Reggio. We use the latest technology and skilled technicians to ensure your website is safe 24/7. With cyber-attacks becoming more commonplace, you need up-to-date protection from all threats.

Automatic Updates

Your website security will automatically update, and remain well-prepared against the latest cyber threats. This reduces the risk of attacks without affecting your website’s performance. Our team constantly improves our security measures so you won’t even notice that your security continues upgrading as your operations continue.

Malware Removal

Malicious software can make it hard for your website to function optimally. Our team will handle everything needed to scan these cyber threats and remove them from your system. You can focus on growth without worrying about any attacks that could compromise your operations.


The Web Application firewall protects your website from the most common attacks. It identifies any malicious activity and stops them in their tracks. While all this is happening, it continues to provide a path for customers and website visitors to browse as usual.

Ensuring Protection for Your Website

With Reggio Digital’s help, you’ll prevent hundreds of attacks aiming to disrupt your service or steal information. Our team understands the elements you need to cover to protect your website. We’ll handle backups and also provide an implementation of updated security protocols. Your online presence is in safe hands with Reggio.

At Reggio, we monitor your website and implement proactive measures to prevent attacks. All of this minimizes the risk and maximizes your website’s capabilities. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of having a team of professionals managing your website.

Why Choose Reggio Digital for WordPress Hosting

At Reggio Digital, we want you and your customers to have a positive experience. We offer unlimited support in all our plans. Any task that can get completed within 30 minutes is covered in your hosting plan. 

Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options. Get started with one of our WordPress hosting plans.

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