Technology Stack | Reggio Digital: WordPress Managed Hosting and Maintenance

Technology Stack

Hosting Partners

Reggio Digital is a partner of a couple different hosting providers. Rather than managing the servers ourselves, we leave it to the experts in server optimizations and instead focus our services on WordPress maintenance. Managing servers is not easy and requires consistent uptime and reliable data centers. The hosting providers we’ve picked provide excellent services to our customers and have a close relationship with both.

Pressable: Majority of our clients are on Pressable. They have a solid infrastructure we’re very familiar with. We have a large agency plan with Pressable.

Kinsta: We typically use Kinsta if a site requires customization’s that are not the right fit for Pressable. Kinsta allows for NGINX custom configurations and site structure that are not allowed on Pressable.

DNS Services

Cloudflare: We’re big fans of Cloudflare and using it to protect and speed up our sites. While Cloudflare is optional if you choose to point to our nameservers, we typically highly recommend it.

Other Services

WPMU Dev: We use WPMU Dev to manage updates and some information for all sites. There are a few plugins we can also install if needed like WP Smush for optimizing images, among other features offered by WPMU Dev.

Reggio Digital Plugin: We have a custom plugin installed on all sites to help with a few tweaks and labeling of services. It’s an extremely small plugin that is on behind the scenes. For example, disabling auto-updates so that we can manage those on our end.

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