Why Choosing the Best WordPress Website Hosting Solution Matters

Imagine spending days or weeks trying to launch a website. After you publish the content, you don’t get the results you were expecting, so you believe you’re the problem. Before you blame yourself, consider if you used the best WordPress website hosting out there. Sometimes, the right host can make a huge difference in your site’s success.

Read on to learn how to find a good host.

Optimal Performance

One of the most significant reasons you need the best WordPress host is to improve your performance. The right host will include features in your hosting plan to help your site run faster and more smoothly.

You can choose a hosting account with plenty of storage to handle the web traffic that you expect to get. Then, you can make sure your website won’t crash if a ton of people visit it at once.

Moving to the best WordPress website hosting platform is one of the best things you can do for website performance. You won’t have to worry about using other means to get your site to run well.

Expert Support

The right WordPress dedicated hosting plan will come with expert support. You can contact support whenever you need help with your website or you have a question about it.

Some hosts only offer a knowledge base or basic support. They might not be able to help you with specific problems that your website experiences, which can cost you a lot of time.

When it comes to support, you should choose a host with around-the-clock support. That way, you won’t have to wait for business hours to get the help you need for your site.

Consider if you can even speak to a real person or if you’ll get a bot. People can help better than AI, which is useful if you have a particular issue that you need to fix.

Site Migration Tools

Ideally, you would choose the best WordPress website hosting from the start. However, you may have started with another host, perhaps one with cheaper pricing but not as many features.

If your current host doesn’t meet your needs, the best host will help you migrate all of your sites. Site migration can involve a lot of steps, and it’s not easy for most people to do on their own.

As you shop around for new hosts, look for one that offers migration for free. Then, you can get your site up and running on the new host’s servers quickly and easily.

Access to Staging Sites

One of the benefits of WordPress hosting is that you can set up a staging website. This is a duplicate of your site that the public can’t access, so you can use it to experiment with design changes.

You can publish those changes on the staging website to see how they will affect your live site. If something goes wrong, such as if a plugin updates incorrectly, your regular site will continue to run.

You’ll be able to fix the problem or contact your host for help. Then, you can do whatever you need to update the staging site without issues before you make those changes on the real thing.

Easy to Encrypt

If you want your website to perform well in search, you can do a lot of things. One of the most crucial steps to take is to encrypt your site with a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate.

Adding an SSL to your website will give it the padlock that you see next to some URLs in your browser. It can help you build trust with your visitors, and customers may feel more comfortable paying for your products or services on your site.

Site security is also one of a few factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Luckily, the best WordPress website hosting plan will make it easy to install the certificate.

You can usually add an SSL with one click, and your host will handle the rest. That way, you can get the security you need to protect your business and its customers./tweet

Daily Security Updates

When looking for the right website host, you should consider if the host helps with security. If so, consider if the host offers daily updates and protection.

Some security updates to consider include daily backups, malware scans, and spam protection. You may also want automatic plugin updates, downtime monitoring, and protection from brute force attacks.

Of course, you can cover these features with plugins, but that adds unnecessary bulk to your website. Choosing a host that offers security is an excellent way to protect your data and keep your site running well.

Better Server Security

Another way the right WordPress host can help with security is by using more secure servers. The security will come standard as part of your hosting package, so you won’t have to worry about protection.

If you choose a host that includes security, you won’t have to pay extra for premium plugins. You also won’t have to spend time researching plugin options for site security.

Consider if your host uses physical servers or the cloud to store your website data. Some physical servers can be vulnerable to attacks, whereas cloud servers may have firewall protection and other features.

Manage Multiple Websites

Perhaps you want to run multiple businesses, or you want to host a site for a client or two. Maybe your business itself involves running more than one website.

If any of that is the case, the best WordPress website hosting will let you store multiple sites. Being able to host multiple WordPress sites on one account can help you grow your business.

Sure, you could pay for multiple hosting accounts or different hosts. However, that can get to be more expensive and complex than necessary, so choosing a host that offers multiple sites and WordPress installations is crucial.

Minimize Plugin Usage

Another one of the advantages of good WordPress hosting is the ability to use fewer plugins. WordPress plugins are how you can customize your site without having to write code.

However, using too many plugins can keep your site from running fast. When you choose a website host that takes care of security and performance, you don’t have to install plugins for those purposes.

You may still want to use plugins for SEO, analytics, or other things. But you can keep from adding too many plugins that may negatively affect your site’s speed and performance.

Before you choose a host, consider what the plan will cover without the use of plugins. Then, you can keep your site lean and only install plugins you absolutely need.

Save Time

As you compare the pros and cons of WordPress hosting options, consider how much time you’ll have to manage the account. A good host will take care of the more technical tasks, such as site updates.

The less time you have to spend on that, the more time you’ll have to spend on other areas of your business. You can meet with more clients or fulfill more client orders to increase your revenue.

Time management is vital for business owners, and there are only so many things you can automate or outsource. Managed WordPress hosting is one of those things that can give you more time to run your company. 

Good Value

If you have a small budget, you may want to start with the cheapest website host you can find. That account may be enough to help you launch your website, but it will probably come with many limitations.

To help your business grow, you need a host with a better value. Sometimes, you can get a lot more for your money if you invest in a host with more features.

Consider your business budget and see if there’s any room to increase funding for your website hosting. Even spending a few extra dollars per month can be enough to get you a better host.

Another option is to look for a host that lets you pay annually, and you may be able to save money. Then, you’ll be able to get the right hosting plan for your current and future needs.

Ability to Scale

Speaking of your future business, one of the biggest limits of cheaper hosting is a cap on web traffic and data. As your business grows, you need a plan that can handle more visits.

If your specific plan can handle more traffic, you need a host that can. Then, you can easily upgrade to a new package to support the growth of your business without having to move hosts.

Whether you need to scale in terms of visitors, storage, or WordPress installations, the right host will allow that. You shouldn’t have to hold your business back with the wrong host.

Choosing the Best WordPress Website Hosting Is Easy

The best WordPress website hosting is essential to your growing business. You have a lot of hosts to choose from, and some are much better than others in terms of features and security.

Consider what your business needs from a host, and use that to choose the best company. Then, you’ll be able to get your site up and not have to worry about switching hosts later.

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