How We Make WordPress Migrations Easy

We get it. Migrating your WordPress site to a new host can seem scary. Nobody wants to spend additional time trying to get their website to function on a new host when their site was working well before the move. That’s why we have a strict process to ensure a smooth and easy transition with little involvement from your end.

Migrations Are Free

We’ll migrate your site to Reggio Digital for free regardless of how large your site is or how much traffic the site receives. We want to make this as affordable and easy as possible without stress.

Will There Be Downtime?

Static content such as blogs will have no downtime. It’ll be a smooth transition from the moment the domains nameservers are changed to our servers. Visitors won’t know the difference (other than improved site performance).

eCommerce and Membership based sites have an additional step to avoid content being updated on the old host and not being migrated to the new host. To prevent this from occurring, we generally put the site in maintenance mode on the old host while we migrate the site over to the new host. Once the nameservers are updated, visitors will see the website as active again.

Changing Nameservers

There’s only one step that’s needed to point to our servers. Once the site has been migrated, we’ll ask you to change the nameservers of the domain to point to our servers. This step is easy to do and we’re happy to complete this step for you provided we’re given login details to where you’ve purchased the domain.

Generally, it takes a few hours for the domain to propagate to the new servers from around the world depending on the visitor. It’s fairly quick for many.

How Long Do Migrations Take?

We can usually estimate based on the size of the site. We ask that no updates are to occur on the website while we download everything. Most sites are migrated within three hours or less. Again, we take care of the whole thing for you and we’ll test the site prior to launch to ensure it’s working properly. We closely monitor all new site migrations to ensure it’s running smoothly.

How To Get Started

Simply send us an email over at or fill out our contact form here.

What We’ll Need

There’s only a few things that we need to get started.

  1. Details of your current host. This may include sFTP or login to your hosting environment.
  2. Details of your site setup to give us an understanding on any unique configurations if any exist.
  3. A WordPress Admin login to your site.
  4. Lastly, let us know if there’s a specific time and date you’d like us to migrate.
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